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I attended my first dog show a little over 20 years ago.  It was love at first sight as I watched that shih tzu move so elegantly, confident, proud, with head and tail held high move around the ring.  I was hooked and knew I had to have one. After a great deal of consideration and searching for a reputable breeder,   I purchased my first pair, (yes I had hopes of showing and breeding). My son was born, then my daughter a short time later. .  Needless to say, coat care and training took second (third, fourth, etc.) place, and my shih tuz babies became our pets and were very much loved and adored for the many  years  they shared with our family.  As my children are now older and a little more self sufficient I caught the shih tzu bug again. . I spent time attending shows, searching the internet, and talking to many breeders who had years of experience working with this wonderful breed. I have been truly blessed to find a mentor and  dear friend. who was willing to take a chance and take me under her wing.  I owe more than I can ever say to Cassie Morgan, of Morgan's Shih Tzu.  It has been her guidance and talent that has enabled me to realize a dream I thought would never come true.  

With great humility and pleasure, I welcome you to Impressions' Shih Tzu.  I hope that you will enjoy visiting our site.  I have a small breeding program with the goal of producing my own show puppies. Producing healthy puppies that demonstrate the true character of a quality shih tzu does not happen by accident. Breeding is only done with the goal of improvement.  Our attempt is to create puppies that are better than their parents.


All puppies are AKC registered, and sold with limited registration.  They are raised in my home and are part of our family and I take great care to make sure they are going to a home where they will be loved and cared for . My children do a wonderful job of socializing all of our babies, and needless to say, this breed is wonderful with children.  I must say, the trait that  I first fell in love with when I saw that  first shih tzu was the sweet face.  The large round eyes, warm expression, flat face with upturned nose and eyelashes to die for melted my heart, and still does to this day. Breed standard in body type, coat, and disposition are all priorities in our breeding program, however I particularly strive for lines that are known for the expression that only can be found in this little lion dog.

I hope that you will consider Impression's Shih Tzu when making the decision to welcome this loving breed into your home.